Alfie's Adventures
Fly with me to save wild places where animals can be free

A children's book

that teaches children in a fun and engaging way about how man-made environmental destruction is threatening endangered species on this planet, and how this can be addressed through ecological conservation. 

This is an issue that the author strongly cares about and wants to communicate with the world. 

It is paramount to educate children about the environment when they are young. After all, it is the future generations that will determine the future of our planet. 

Alfie, inspired by the authors rescue pet African grey parrot, explores the world helping to save endangered species, specifically the hyacinth macaw in the first story.

Alfie's Adventures book by Hayley Jane Smith
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"Fly with Alfie on this adventure! Written by Hayley Jane Smith, the author takes a critical look at her work, with rich illustrations that inspire new generations to learn about the habitat of the hyacinth macaw and raise awareness about the importance of nature conservation and biodiversity. 'Alfie' is a grey parrot, native to Africa, who on his adventure through Brazil meets 'Azul', a hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus Hyacinthinus). When they come across a risky situation in the habitat of their species, some questions about the impacts of environmental destruction and threats of extinction come to the fore. Will Alfie be able to save Azul on his own or is it up to us?"


Letter from David Attenborough to Hayley Jane Smith

"Thank you for sending me a copy of your book for children. I hope it is a great success."


“This is a difficult topic for young readers to understand, but the author has managed to convey it brilliantly. The story involves a 'superhero' and tackles contemporary issues like deforestation head on. As someone interested in parrots, the illustrations are accurate and the text reads perfectly for children.”


“Lovely children’s book with amazing illustrations! Bright & colourful. Also a very important conservation message in the story.”


Beautiful illustrations with such an amazing message to care more about the world around us. Recommend for all children


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Alfie's Eco Fridays

Alfie's Eco Fridays

Alfie will be posting about nature and environmental topics on Fridays in Alfie's Eco Fridays! It's a fun way for kids and parents to learn more about nature and the environment.

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