Alfie's Adventures

Alfie's Adventures - Hyacinth Macaw

Fly with me to save wild places where animals can be free! 

Alfie the African grey parrot loves educating children about endangered animals in the wild in a fun and engaging way! 

Alfie's first adventure to Brazil sees Azul, the naughty hyacinth macaw, experiencing the effects of people’s destruction to his rainforest home. 

Can Alfie save the day or is it up to us?

ISBN | 9781839348761

Published | 28.09.2023 

Publisher | Bumblebee Books

Pages | 52

Size | 156 x 234 

Format | Paperback 

Age | 4 - 6

RRP | £8.99

Alfie's Adventures - Hyacinth Macaw by Hayley Jane Smith
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